"We received the check for depreciation today. I want to tell you that I am very pleased and satisfied with American Integrity and you personally in the way our claim was handled. I can only imagine the number of claims you had to process as the result of Hurricane Michael. I can only imagine how your workload must have been affected down to the interruptions in your family time. You never visited any of that on us but handled yourself professionally and courteously each and every time we communicated with you- both by phone and by email.

As our insurance agent, you can recommend Amanda and her company (American Integrity) with pride knowing they are taking care of your customers and keeping them as satisfied, returning customers. No one likes paying insurance premiums, but we pay them for instances like we experienced this claim with Hurricane Michael (and Hermine with my boat). I only hope your home had the same successful outcome as we had with ours. God bless you all and Merry Christmas." 

James F., Policyholder of McKee Insurance Agency, Tallahassee

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciated my insurance company and specifically Claims Adjuster Tamra Rivas after I woke up 6:30 am, on Saturday, June 25, 2016 to 3 inches of water in my bedroom and master bedroom's walk in closet.
A copper water pipe had developed a pin hole and then the force of the water cut through the sheet rock and flooded one end of my house. In 40 years of home ownership, I had never experienced such a disaster and didn't have any idea about how my insurance would work. I did have all those nagging stories in the back of my brain, about what a nightmare working with insurance companies would be and everyone had a horror story about their experience. To make matters worse, we were making plans for my husband's open-heart surgery scheduled for the following week on July 2nd.
On Monday, Ms Rivas met with me and explained in great detail about our coverage and how she would be able to help as quickly as possible to provide all the assistance we needed. One of the things that she said that really stands out in my mind was, "we will be able to get you back to where you were, you'll see."
I wanted to let you know of Ms Rivas' kind, compassionate manner and her ability to patiently listened to my concerns and wishes and was able to help make them happen. With the accessibility she provided, she gave me confidence that everything would be taken care and we were. It was miraculous how she helped to turn this tragedy into a blessing and I wanted to let you know. Please let her know of my appreciation and desire to commend her for her positive actions! Thank you for everything."

Carol M., Policyholder

"Thomas, you have been more than helpful, and like wise about you handling my claim, it hadbeen a gratifying experience. From my heart, thanks for great service!!"

Seidy P., Policyholder

"Dear Mr. Keelan I'm writing this letter to let you know about the excellent and exceptional service I received from American Integrity Ins. Unfortunately I suffered a loss on 6/30/16 due to lighting strike. I contacted American Integrity Ins on 7/1/16. I have never filed a home owner's insurance claim and was uncertain of the process. This was my first home owner's claim in my life. I am completely satisfied with the service that I received that I find that you must be aware of the way this was handled from a home owner's prescriptive.
Yvonne Samuels was my in house adjuster. She was kind and knowledgeable from the first day she contacted me. I felt I was her only client as she took the time to help me from day one. When this incident happened, I was confused and she brought me out of that confusion. She gave me hope at my time of need. This meant so much to me and it was surely appreciated. She assigned comforts of life on day one. Things like the hot water heater, air conditioner, garage Opener, a leaking roof, electrical outlets were attended to immediately. If she was not concerned she would have left me to suffer until 3 days later as this was a holiday weekend. After making sure that my house was safe, she assured me that if I still felt uncomfortable I could go to a hotel.
She arranged for the adjuster and restoration people to come over on the next working day after I filed my claim. She processed my claim immediately. She gave me the time of the day when I needed to speak with her. As I stated before, she handled my claim as though this was her only claim at the time. In other words, she made me feel special.
Please let her know that her efforts are appreciated and I also want her to know that she was extremely compassionate in my time of need and easy to work with. If everyone at America Integrity Ins is like this then I would like to say that you guys are doing the right thing and customer service is surely excellent."

Zaida A., Policyholder

"Ms. Heller, I felt that it was necessary to contact you and express my appreciation and customer satisfaction after discussing my claim with Mr. Collin deGourville. I have to be frank with you, after two months I had a serious concern that my roof may have sustained significant hail damage which could be further exasperated with the next rain storm. The concern stems from actually witnessing the hail storm and later repairing my vehicles as a result of the hail storm. To add to my anxiety, my understanding is that several neighbors allegedly sustained hail damage and are having their roofs repaired/replaced at the recommendation of their roofers.
Mr. deGourville clarified some key points to me with regard to the engineer’s report including the objective evidence for American Integrity’s decision. I was most delighted in knowing I do not need a new roof as a result of the engineering inspection which disputed two roofing companies claim that I needed a new roof. American Integrity’s independent engineer diagnosed the situation differently than the roofing companies indicating that my roof has at least several more years of service.
Once again, as an engineer myself I was quite anxious to move on and do whatever I felt was reasonable to assure that my wife was safe in our home.  My thanks and gratitude for having a quality employee like Mr. deGourville."

Victor D., Policyholder

Bob and Justin - I had to tell you about the claim handling on the captioned property. I have never heard of such absolutely terrific claim service. There was a fire at her rental property on the morning of 4/8/15. After I spoke with the insured, I called the claims department about 8:30am to phone in the report. My insured heard from an adjuster right away, and the field adjuster was there at 1:00pm that very day. Mr. and Mrs. L'Heureux were very impressed with the adjuster - he could not have been more helpful.

The claim was investigated and payment issued on 4/16/15. Unbelievable. In my many years in this business, American Integrity's claim service is unprecedented.

It seems that, in an industry where we are quick to criticize, you need to hear of the excellence as well.

Pat Phillips, Whiting Insurance

I would like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention the exemplary service I just received from Mrs. Bunnell. She carefully listened to all of my questions, and within minutes resolved all of my concerns, while exceeding my expectations as well. I did not have to repeat any of the concerns that I had, nor did I have to follow up any of her answers with another question.

I found Ms. Bunnell to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly, efficient and professional. Just a breath of fresh air in the world of customer care / service, that I have found to be declining for several years.

Michael T., Policyholder

"I'm a homeowner and policy holder writing to praise the work of one of your employees - Fletcher Morgan.

Recently, our home was flooded by a broken water pipe inside and under the concrete slab on which the house is built. We effected repairs immediately due to the nature of the disaster and then filed our claim with American Integrity.

Mr. Morgan phoned back within 48 hours and arranged a visit to assess the situation. Inside our home, he was professional, courteous-even somewhat charming-as he processed a claim for something that was pretty traumatic. It's true, no one died here, but as you can imagine, the upheaval over this was out of the ordinary.

I've since spoken with Mr. Morgan with a follow up question and his courtesy and professionalism remained consistent.

Frankly, insurance companies often suffer a bad reputation, deserved or not, but in this case, I was extremely pleased by the professionalism, the compassion and just the overall good nature of the American Integrity employee I allowed into my home.

I got your name from Mr. Morgan during a recent phone call; thought you'd like to know that this policyholder gladly hands out a well-deserved atta boy to this particular claims adjuster."

James Z., Policyholder

"Thank you… for being so efficient and kind. We will continue to place business with American Integrity because of the great underwriting and the good rates and ease of writing business with your company."

Linda Podany, The Horace Mann Companies

“American Integrity’s service is excellent. Everyone in our office knows Orlando in their Customer Care department because he’s always very helpful and super nice. It’s relief to have someone like that, especially in a stressful situation. It’s great to work with a company that clearly values customer service as much as our agency does.”

Brittany Donnelly, South Florida Casualty, Inc.

"Recently, we had the misfortune to have a burglary in our home which resulted in the loss of a substantial amount of jewelry. We were devastated not just by the loss of many items with both monetary and sentimental value but also with the fact that our home was violated. We just received our settlement check and we felt that this was a great opportunity for us to let you know about our experience in working through our claim with your adjuster, Leila Easters. Immediately after reporting our claim, Leila reached out to us to confirm details and develop additional information. She was compassionate in her approach and really made us feel that she cared about us. Leila was knowledgeable, efficient and very responsive. We were so impressed with the research she did on our stolen items and we felt that the settlement amount she reached was fair and well reasoned. While getting burglarized was a terrible experience, working with Leila was very pleasant. Nancy and I are retired property and casualty insurance professionals. Between us, we have 60 years of experience with carriers and Independent Agents. We recognize quality insurance professionals when we encounter them. Leila is a great representative for your company. Thank you for providing us with a stress free settlement experience."

Bill and Nancy, Venice, FL

"I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with American Integrity. When I opened my agency in 2011 it was a task to secure a quality homeowners company. Then I met with Justin Waters from American Integrity and I was overjoyed to receive an appointment. Since then you have been our “go-to” company. The gold endorsement has been a blessing to our policyholders. Every time I've needed underwriting assistance it has been almost immediate. I am personally honored to represent American Integrity as I believe you live up to your name."

Stacey L. White, CEO, Principal Agent, Evolve Insurance Agency