Our Core Values


More than just a word in our name, we believe that integrity is a way of living. It means doing the right thing for the right reasons. It is a combination of transparency, honesty, principle and decency. Integrity means we will always strive to conduct ourselves in an honorable fashion.


We do what we say we will do. Our actions will follow our words - period. As a domestic Florida-only insurance company, we live and work in Florida so we take our commitment to our policyholders very seriously. Commitment means a steadfast dedication to fulfilling our promises.


We believe that our efforts are always improved when we work together. Our people are talented, customer-focused and compassionate in delivering service to our policyholders. With spirited collaboration, enthusiasm and cooperation, we believe outcomes are improved when we work as one.


We believe we are stronger when we acknowledge that we may not have all the answers and turn to others for assistance. We believe that modesty creates a better solution by asking others for help and discard unnecessary pride. Humility demands that we seek the right solution even when it may not be readily obvious.


What powers our actions is our passion. Zest, enthusiasm, zeal and excitement only scratch the surface of our passion for what we do. Our passion comes from our strong belief that pursuit of integrity opens opportunity for continued personal growth. Collectively, the management team has devoted its career within the insurance industry.


We celebrate each other's successes and find ways to spread joy. We find ways to create smiles, laughter and, together, have fun.