Ways to Save

penny jarYour face lights up when you get a good deal. We know, we’ve seen it before. Take advantage of these ways to save at American Integrity and glow like a picturesque Florida sunrise.

Deductible Options
While many people feel boxed in by their deductible choices for homeowners insurance, American Integrity offers several for you to choose from. And if you select a deductible that is $500 higher and assume more risk, you could save an estimated 3 percent on your annual premium. (We like to think outside the box.)

Complete a Home Inventory Each Year
Did you sell an expensive piece of jewelry last year, or finally take the time to clean out the garage? Make sure you are not overpaying for personal property you no longer own.

Look Before You Leap into a New Home
Be conscientious of how much your homeowners insurance could be before you buy a home. Factors such as location, community security, and construction type can all affect the cost of your homeowners insurance. If you are looking to buy a newer home, we also offer discounts for homes that have been built within the last two years.

Keep Your Home Up to Date
We offer a discount for plumbing that has been checked for soundness and free of any visible defects.

Make Sure You Have the Right Type of Policy
Rental or vacant homes require a different type of policy than a home that you live in. Not only could you be overpaying in premium, but your claim could be denied if you have the wrong type of policy on any type of home you own.

Be Conscientious of Your Insurance Score
Insurance scores take into consideration credit record, loss history, and length of time at your residence. If yours is favorable, you could receive a discount.

Use Our Preferred Contractor Network
For rebuilding after a covered loss or for even just remodeling, you receive a discount on repairs when you use our preferred, licensed contractor network, Hancock Claims Consultants.

Don’t Overinsure
The amount you paid for your home (the real estate value) is different than the insured amount of your home. Homeowners insurance covers your home only, not the land it resides on. Make sure your insured amount (Coverage A) is accurate.

Improve Your Home Security
Install a central fire system, burglar alarm or fire sprinkler system. Not only is it safer, we offer a discount for these features.

Save Green by Going Green
Elect to receive billing notices electronically to receive our paperless discount. Pat your self on the back for supporting the environment while you're at it!