For the same reason you wouldn’t buy identical insurance for a car and a motorcycle, you need the right coverage for the different types of homes you own. Dwelling policies are ideal for vacation homes, investment properties, vacant homes, rental homes, or for those on a tight budget. Since dwelling policies provide less coverage than a traditional homeowners insurance policy, they’re also easier on your wallet. But to sweeten the deal, there are many discounts available, including premium credits for windstorm loss mitigation features.

We offer two different types of dwelling policies: DP-3 or DP-1

DP-3 Coverage Overview

DP-3 covered homes can be either vacant, owner-occupied, or tenant occupied. This makes DP-3 policies ideal for vacation homes, rental homes, investment properties, and more.

Offering more robust coverage, DP-3 policies protect against all sources of loss except a few exclusions that are named in the policy, like flooding. The other differentiator between dwelling policies is how repairs are paid out. Should covered loss occur, DP-3 policies provide repairs at the structural replacement cost, or what it would cost to rebuild using similar materials.

DP-1 Coverage Overview

We offer two DP-1 policies depending on whether the home is vacant or occupied. Our DP-1 policies are ideal if any of these situations apply to you:

  • I’m only looking for basic coverage on my home for worst case scenarios like fires or hurricanes.
  • I own a rental property, but am in-between tenants to occupy the home.
  • I am trying to sell my house and have already moved out of it.
  • A relative of mine passed away and left me their home. I’m not currently living in it, and I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it.
  • I own a property for investment purposes, but don’t intend on living in it or renting it out.
  • I will be out of town for an extended period of time.

As a less costly option, DP-1 policies offer protection against perils named in the policy, like windstorms, fire and lightning, hail, electrical damage, and more. DP-1 policies cover the whole house for its actual cash value - this means that claims payouts will deduct depreciation.

Dwelling policy comparison breakdown chart

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