Binding Arbitration - A Valuable Savings Option for YOU!

Whether you’re searching for a new Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, or Integrity Select policy with us, or your existing policy is about to renew, you can add our Binding Arbitration Endorsement to earn savings on your overall policy premium!

Arbitration as a form of dispute resolution is commonly used in many product and services agreements you already buy, so why not get rewarded for it through your home insurance?


  • American Integrity will pay the arbitration fees, including the arbitrator’s expenses and fees.
  • The arbitrator will meet with you and American Integrity, and set an expedited discovery and arbitration hearing date. The arbitrator will set the final arbitration hearing within 120 days of the Demand for Arbitration.
  • You have the right to have an attorney help you in the arbitration hearing, but you will be responsible for the costs of any fees related to your attorney.
  • The arbitrator will issue a written final decision with findings of fact and law within 30 days after the final arbitration hearing is completed.


  • Statewide average savings of almost 20% off the overall policy premium (depending on the amount of hurricane and non-hurricane portions of your premium – ask your agent for more information!)
  • Quicker dispute resolution (months vs. potentially years) than if settled through a lawsuit
  • Peace-of-mind when it comes to the dispute resolution process

Ready to add this endorsement to your new or renewing policy? Reach out to your American Integrity Insurance Agent TODAY to review your policy and begin receiving a reduction on your premium.