Natural Disasters

Mother Nature can be unforgiving at times. Florida’s subtropical climate provides an unpredictable plethora of storms that can affect homes and families in both coastal and inland areas.

Emergency planning—including having a battery-operated radio, disaster survival kit, and evacuation plan ready—can help you prepare for various weather phenomenon:   

Disaster Information and Resources

Don’t forget to register to receive notifications from AlertFlorida, Florida Division of Emergency Management’s free emergency and public safety alert system. 

Avoiding Fraud

In the wake of many natural disasters it is an unfortunate truth that many scams are out there to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. Being familiar with some of the scams circulating Florida can be one of your best defenses. There are two in particular to be aware of, one involving water damage and one involving hail damage, that could put your home and wallet at risk.  

It is a best practice to contact your homeowners insurance company first in the event that your home needs repairs.

File a claim, 24 hours a day

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